One, two, three, say again: In what chain you followed election day?

days like last Sunday, TV becomes more essential than ever and is reborn from the ashes entertainment and reality TV vacuum to return to what it should never cease to be: a public service. Of course, as os He told my colleague Marina not all strings interpreted this in the same way and the vision could change greatly depending channel…

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Atresmedia, investigated by skipping advertising conditions for fusion to laSexta

The National Commission of Markets and Competition ( CNMC) has announced the opening of disciplinary proceedings against Atresmedia by violating several of the conditions under which the merger of Antena 3 and laSexta , in July 2012. These conditions refer approved the acquisition content and advertising negotiations for both strands, and CNMC now opens a period of six months to…

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‘Show me a Hero’, the new creator of ‘The Wire’ arrives in August

No one saw ‘The Wire’ when I was on the air. Nobody saw ‘The Corner’. I never thought that (‘Generation Kill’) would audience. Do you do a piece on American misadventures in Iraq when people still remember Fallujah? Then we launched ‘Treme’, a series about culture and musicians … Good luck. And I do not think anyone is going to…

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USA Edition: Gilmore, Don Draper, O.J. Simpson and

One week we review some news Relevant who have not found their niche in recent days. It is late season and we have some data goodbye. We also talked about some new titles that are succeeding in sales of rights and a possible return that will please those who read between them Stars Hollow and nostalgia. will they return ‘Gilmore…

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So will the coverage chains in Elections 2015

Today 24 May is, according to many, Democracy Party . All Spanish citizens and residents in Spain are called to choose their leaders, in some places only at the local and provincial level, and in others, also in the regional part, which seems to be giving the most entertaining results. At least according to the polls. If you’re the type…

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‘Vikings’, so it goes

With some series there is no doubt . You never have that uncertainty that the chapter you will see perhaps disappoint you, perhaps not as exciting as expected. In some series, see the opening credits is synonymous to invest the next 45 minutes of your life into a fantastic experience That’s what happens with ‘ Vikings’. With three seasons, it…

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‘Game of Thrones': the music, the image of the week

As we advance a few days ago This Thursday, May 21 first landed in USA charity gala Red Noise Day. we told you that years has been held in England to raise funds for the charity Comic Relief Inc and this year premiered on NBC with a main course: this musical based on the number and conceived by the British…

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Filtering pilot ‘Supergirl’ are you coming back “mysterious leaks”?

Do you remember when you Just a few years was to reach summer and made available nearly half rack of fall? Especially when the dates came from Comic-Con they began circulating a handful of pilots filtered. A situation that is becoming increasingly rare but occasionally arises. The latest “victim” of the leaks has been ‘Supergirl’ , whose pilot is now…

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