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Posted by Android Market Apps – November 2, 2013

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Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where that we can not make noise , either because it is forbidden, or because we can disturb others and we need to take a picture with your smartphone. Some models may disable the shutter sound the camera makes when making a photo , but in others this is not possible, and this is what happened to the owner of a Galaxy Note 3.

camera mute

Until now you could use some tools that eliminated the sound, but it was necessary to be root, so this user has created Camera Mute using Tasker (no need to have it installed), a very simple to remove and without being root.

Operation is simple, when you open the camera app, Camera Mute will detect and completely mute the device , so that the shutter sound is not heard and Once you close the camera, the sound will be restored. Nothing more, plain and simple.

As we have said, was initially created for the Galaxy Note 3, although the author has incorporated the devices compatible list , as the Note 2, S2, S3, S4, Grand, Note 10.1, LG G2, and others. And for now only supports the camera stock, but will work to expand to other and more terminals.

You can download it from the thread that the developer has created XDA-Developers , it also can find more information and will update the versions and compatibility.

Camera Mute (not root) XDA

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