Persistent Notifications in Android 4.3, problem or solution?

Posted by Android Market Apps – July 30, 2013

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Android 4.3 is already reaching a Nexus users, and eventually the manufacturers will make use of it for implement it on their devices. Despite being a minor update, system developments less obvious to the end user are many, and we are gradually discovering details on these. Today we talked a little more of the persistent notifications Android 4.3 , explained to background directly by Dianne Hackborn Android team at Google.

One concern among the new features of Android 4.3 is the possibility that persistent notifications employ applications , is ie a type of notifications in the bar dedicated to this end that we could not remove, they are there forever. This apparently is a problem that has proved to be the solution to a more complicated.

The original problem is the abuse of certain developers using the API Service.startForeground () that allows impossible closing the application by the user . That is, the application is always running, and we can not know.

This will create a false notification that the notification manager does not detect and therefore we shown in the bar. Thus the manager sees activity in the application and prevents it from closing, but everything comes from something created intentionally in order to always remain open without the user knowing.

In principle

Google going to fix this by detecting malicious what applications make use of this API and closing the application in question, but many applications have been detected that are cashing is not a viable solution.

So has resorted to persistent notifications , causing the system to display their own notifications when it detects that this happens. Thus now I see the notifications of applications that are taking advantage and abusing this new feature of Android 4.3, and we can not eliminate them. The idea is that by failing to eliminate them, the user will notice that the application is not good and uninstalled . Furthermore, the notification now appear, misses the point for the developer, therefore will be forced to update their app eliminating this feature.

It’s funny how what at first had seemed a problem of Android 4.3 has ended up becoming a very interesting solution that hopefully works and Android 4.3 for when a major bulk of users completely gone.

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