The Tablet WiFi 3G could easily become in the future thanks to Huawei 3G UltraStick

Posted by Android Market Apps – September 18, 2013

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The world was much simpler when tablets could only connect via WiFi Internet . Or when manufacturers only put out a model with 3G. But over time things changed and the production of tablets was divided into two, those that only have WiFi and also offer 3G or LTE connection .

This separation occurred because the cost of manufacturing a tablet that offers 3G and one that does not is different, and therefore retail price . There is very normal for a buyer not need 3G and therefore a more SIM for your tablet, and it is preferable to save some money on the WiFi only version if we do not take advantage of the extra connectivity offered 3G .

A clear example of this we have close at hand is the Nexus 7 having WiFi only model and one that incorporates LTE. This requires extra hardware that incorporates Asus makes the price increase of 269 € to 349 € , a major increase. And bigger is in cases where the WiFi-only model will save having to find a chipset mobile connection capabilities, although that is becoming less common.

Huawei has designed a solution that could re-unite the two branches of connectivity for tablets. UltraStick is the 3G , a device that is introduced into a new slot that would take the tablets that choose to adopt this technology and give 3G connection. This UltraStick not need or tablet chipset with 3G antenna count, and includes everything you need. With this option any manufacturer who wants to offer WiFi only and 3G models of the tablet could design a model with only UltraStick slot, and if the user wants to add 3G connectivity would only have to buy it and put it in that slot.


The idea is very interesting, and can be very useful for many manufacturers, though others certainly turn their backs on this type of modular expansion capabilities, the style of PCMCIA cards for notebooks . A new slot is always a design change, and in cases such as the Sony Xperia Z in which the thickness has reduced both hurt this factor may not be interested in joining. The manufacturer would save costs and that would result in lower prices consumer , but this type of expansion slots always end up being a problem and a nuisance to those manufacturers.

But the idea is very good, and we may end up seeing several tablets that adopt the measure. The network supports UltraStick HSUPA / HSDPA / WCDMA and EDGE / GPRS / GSM .

Do you think it a good idea? Do you see future something?

Source | Padnews

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